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Peruzzo s.r.l. is a firmly established company in the national and international bicycle market. The company has been designing and producing bicycle accessories and car racks for over 40 years. Our company has always put safety first ensuring that every aspect of the production cycle, from the processing of raw material through to packaging of the final product, is tested by qualified, competent personnel before products are placed on the market. This is only possible due to our skill and the guarantee that our products are 100% MADE IN ITALY.

Peruzzo s.r.l. presents TRAIL ANGEL, the latest product in its bike accessory range. This child-bike tow bar meets the need of so many parents who want to share and pass on their passion for cycling in complete safety to those they hold dearest: their children!

Protect your children with Trail Angel

To anyone posing the question as to why they should choose the Trail Angel child bike tow bar above other products available on the market we reply with complete assurance: BECAUSE IT IS SO EASY TO USE. We know what it means to be parents in today’s hectic world so we have made every effort to make the leisure time you spend with your children as pleasant as possible by creating a practical and safe towing system. Simply secure the device to the adult’s bike, secure the child’s bike to the device and adjust the height of the bike’s wheel... READY TO GO! Now the adult has total control of the child’s bike and can guide it in complete safety, while the child can continue to pedal without affecting the adult’s control in any way whatsoever.